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Never miss a day's work when you sign up for this Program...
The Alberta Yoga College is radically different in many ways with three start dates a year

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher by August 8! Register now for the Spring Session beginning May 20.

• Become a confident and competent yoga instructor with our warm support!


• Complete in three months or take longer with prior approval from the Director to finish the 200-hour program


• Never miss a day's work (we meet Thursday and Friday evenings and on Saturday afternoons)


• Learn all you need to get started, including Alignment, Anatomy, Vinyasa, Philosophy, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Kids, Class Planning and Sanskrit


• Worldwide acceptance with 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification


• See each day’s program in detail on the online calendar


• Use RESP and RSP funds to pay for the 200-hour course


• Free yoga classes during and beforehand - with some conditions


• Six expert faculty (including a physiotherapist, professor of philosophy, published yoga therapist and Sanskrit scholar) who have trained yoga teachers more than 18 years


• Convenient location. Excellent parking


• Teach all ages safely. Learn to deal with yours and others anxiety through yoga


• Only sign up for what you can afford. Take Anatomy and Philosophy/Spirituality on Thursday nights only to start with if your finances or time is limited

• Don't want to teach? Just want to deepen your knowledge for personal growth? This program is also designed for you!

“Alberta Yoga College's 200 hour program was great for giving me the information I needed to start teaching yoga.” – Candace DeFreitas-Stephenson


"I have had no troubles getting hired as a teacher. The college is a well recognized yoga school in the industry." - R.B. graduate


"Shortly after my first classes I was able to get more classes at other yoga studios and have since gone on to become a full time yoga teacher." - Jill Thomas

Rob Walker
E-Ryt 500


Rob has directed yoga studios and yoga teacher training for 20 years as former director of The Yoga Studio South and former director of the Yoga Studio College of Canada. In 2012 he created The Alberta Yoga College, which he directs, overseeing 23 graduating classes of competent and confident yoga teachers. 


A Yoga Alliance 500-hour Experienced Yoga Teacher, he is excited to be offering this radically different teacher training program with its emphasis on high quality instruction from experts in each field, and flexibility for everyone’s timetable and budget.

In 2020 he published a critical overview of modern yoga: The New Yoga: From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity. It invites yoga students and teachers to a radical new vision of a more inclusive, evidence-based yoga. The New Yoga maintains the essence of traditional yoga but questions traditional instructions through the lens of modern movement sciences.

He trained on three five-week trips to Pune, India, in 2003, 2005 and 2007 with Yoga Master BKS Iyengar (One of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in 2004). He now enjoys the freedom to draw from a wider range of influences, especially evidence-based movement sciences.

He began his career in journalism, working as Deputy Night News Editor on the award-winning Daily Mail in London (circulation 2 million) and Health Writer for the Calgary Herald for 17 years. His work appeared extensively in The Medical Post and the Yoga Journal. He wrote First Clue, an encyclopedia of finding out, published by Pan Books.


"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have taught me. It has made me an excellent teacher in any environment and with any level of students. I seem to know just what to do and how to teach them - forever grateful." - R.B.

"Your teaching has changed my perspective on yoga in so many “human” ways!" - Margo Dodginghorse.

Cliona Corbett, PT

Cliona has treated a wide variety of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions while working in private orthopaedic clinics and community care facilities. Currently she is a physical therapist at the Calgary Chronic Pain Centre, the largest multidisciplinary pain management centre in North America, where she integrates yoga and pilates techniques into physical therapy treatments. She is presently involved in a pilot research study to examine the benefits of yoga in chronic pain patients. In addition, Cliona teaches specialty yoga therapy classes to individuals with persistent pain and the general public.

Cliona is a Registered Physical Therapist and a yoga teacher. She received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta and completed her yoga teacher training through the Yoga Studio College of Canada. She continues her yoga studies with Judith Hanson Lasater PT, Julie Gudmestad PT and Neil Pearson PT. Cliona has also completed her Stott Pilates Instructor course and acupuncture certification.

Krista Strayer

"Yoga is the thread that weaves my life together, pulls me forward, lifts me up and challenges me to be more."


From corporate Engineer to kids yoga teacher and trainer, through Ayurveda, habit change and natural plant medicine. Yoga is the golden thread that has woven a path of healing, wisdom and compassion through Krista’s life and career.


Krista graduated from The Yoga College in 2007 and received her YogaKids certification in 2009. A love to learn more prompts continued training from yoga, ayurveda and habit gurus; Geeta Iyengar, Judith Lasater, Martin Kirk, Julie Gudmestad, Alan Milheim, Cate Stillman and Dana Skoglund.


After pioneering yoga programs within Calgary schools and leading kids yoga teacher trainings for 10 years Krista’s yogic path led her to weave the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda into the lives of moms and teachers following the principle that if we "Nourish the Mother the Child will Thrive"


Krista currently inspires moms and teachers to live fuller, happier lives and leads a community of wellness professionals to make a real difference in the world.

foster walker, phd

Foster, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy and Education, University of Alberta, has contributed to yoga teacher training in Calgary since 2002. As well as a philosopher, writer and dialogue group facilitator of long experience, he is a committed practitioner of the classical whole-life Yoga system, using this and elements of Eastern and Western wisdom traditions to encourage students in their journey of life-changing self-inquiry. His philosophy and spirituality modules emphasize Classical Yoga and students are guided in using traditional texts and practices, “imbued with life by living masters,” for the special challenge of living in the 21st century.

Tamara terry
E-Ryt 500

Tamara believes Yoga is an integral part of each of us. It is not something we do but what we are. “It is felt when a beautiful piece of music is heard and shivers run down one’s spine, or walking in the mountains enraptured and connected to the majesty of life,” she says.


For Tamara then, her yoga journey began with learning piano at the age of six. She has been a student and lover of music ever since. She believes music has great influence as a way to connect to spirit. But, important as it is, music is but one part of yoga, a practice that enhances the complete act of living, helping one be a better friend, lover, parent, teacher and student.

She began yoga-asana in 1997, in her late 20s and continued while choosing to be to be a devoted mother to six children.

Tamara took Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher training in 2008, and in 2012 took a second teacher training with Tias Little, the founder of Prajna Yoga, eventually completing another 500 Yoga Alliance certification. She aligns herself with the Theravada Buddhist tradition and attends regular meditation retreats with prominent meditation teacher and author, Jack Kornfield.

Sara Villamil
E-RYT 200 & RPYT

Sara Villamil grew up in Calgary. As a dancer and lover of movement and sport, she has always been enthralled with the capabilities of the human body. Around age 16, when transitioning away from dance, Sara found yoga and it was a perfect fit. In 2004, she made the leap to take her first Yoga Teacher Training in Calgary. She went on to study more seriously at YogaWorks in New York City. Since then, she graduated from the Alberta Yoga College and also became a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher. She believes in continuing education and always learning. She is becoming increasingly interested in weaving movement disciplines, from outside of the world of yoga, onto the mat. 


She passionately creates a safe, welcoming space for people to practice yoga. Regardless of ability, Sara believes there is a yoga practice to suit everyone. She loves to create graceful, strong yoga sequences that give her students a sense of inner strength, power and relaxation. 


Sara currently teachers a variety of classes. She specializes in Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. She has co-taught in 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Trainings and runs her own Yoga Alliance 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training School.

david mcammond

David is one of the great pioneers of yoga in Canada, creating many firsts in the field. After 50 years of practice, he is still a busy workshop teacher and writer. 


David has published a 263-page authoritative book on Yoga Therapy for Backs. 


David began his yoga life with his own meditation and asana practice in the 1970s.


He began teaching full time in 1975 with the Sivananda style, but his major influences came later from Dr. Bruce Carruthers, senior Iyengar Yoga teacher from Galliano, B.C. and Dr. S. V. Karandikar from Pune, India. 


He helped found the Alberta Yoga Association and later the Calgary Yoga Centre in the 1970s.


He helped design one of the first yoga teacher training programs in North America for the YAA.


He founded Yogamat.com, one of the first three yoga prop companies in North America.


He co-founded Yoga Studio South, the first commercial yoga studio in Calgary in 1996.


He has studied yoga in India six times at Kabir Baug, Pune, with Dr. S. V. Karandikar, a prominent former student of BKS Iyengar. Together with Margot Kitchen, they were the first Canadians to run international workshops, starting in Puerto Vallarta in 1994.


He set up restorative yoga teacher training programs in Mexico City, for which he is still a guest presenter. He has taught workshops in the U.S.A, Columbia, and Spain. 


Looking back on his life of yoga he says: “I have realized that my love of yoga was the same as any other long-term love. Hot, intense and fiery in the beginning. Cooler, calmer but committed later.”


His philosophy for teaching yoga is based on avoiding injury, “Do 80 per cent of your potential,” he says, adding, “and maintain equanimity, stay connected, accept change.”

Swati e. fernando

Swati has trained teacher trainees in Calgary since 2001. She is a RSW, has an M.A. in philosophy and is a certified as a yoga instructor through the Yoga Studio South Teacher Training Program. Her integration of yoga teaching with her compassionate approach to social work has earned her many awards (Bahai Community Harmony award 2003; YMCA peace award 2004; ACSW John Hutton award 2005; Minister’s award for seniors’ services in 2008.) As a faculty member of the Alberta Yoga Teacher Training College, Swati brings the ancient language of Sanskrit to life for the trainees by teaching them the beauty of the language with ease and humor.

Rob Walker

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