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Registrations being accepted for the Winter Session starting online/and or in person January 6. Pay now in full and receive free online classes until the end of March!

$250 early bird discount

Apply now.

Early Bird Discount $250

But Only Till Dec. 3

Some conditions: You Must Pay in Full  ($3,499 - $250 = $3,249) At Time of Registering

By Email Transfer Only

If you are having difficulty browsing this site on your mobile, please visit us on your desktop or tablet to make your payment at the time of registration.

Your deposit is due at the time of registration. applications will not be considered or approved until the deposit has been received. Click here to pay now.

pay now.

Preferred method of payment: send email transfer to or select one of the options below to pay with PayPal or major credit card.

Complete program (full payment) $3499

Deposit at time of registration $1000

Balance (one month before program starts) $2499

Cannot afford the full cost in one go? Take Anatomy and Philosophy/Spirituality on Thursdays for $1,100 and pay the balance next session or when you are ready to complete the course.


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