Is the training offered both online and in person?


Yes, we have become experts at managing both, catering to trainees from as far away as Field, B.C. in west and Lethbridge, AB in the east. Trainees have the option each week to come in person or stay online.

What steps have you taken to keep trainees safe in person?


Mat placement is marked for social distancing,  trainees bring their own props, touched surfaces are wiped down with sanitized wipes and the air conditioning has ultraviolet light treatment for killing all viruses. Trainees entering are required to answer the standard Covid safety questionnaire.

How many trainings a year do you schedule?


We schedule three trainings a year in the fall, winter and spring. Take as many or as few credits at a time as you want to or can afford.


How long does it take to train?


You can train in as little as three months or as long as you like. So if you miss modules or pick part of the program to do, you can pick up missed modules later.


When are the trainings held in the week?


The training are held on Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Attending our program you'll never miss a day's work on your full time job.


What is the cost of the program?


The program costs $3,499 and, as a registered educational institute, the fee is tax deductible. 


Is the certificate widely recognized?


The program is Yoga Alliance Certified for total credibility and worldwide acceptance. 


Are course fees tax deductible?


The program is federally certified as an education institute so course fees are tax deductible and RESP eligible.


Is the course taught by experienced trainers?


Our expert faculty of seven experts have a combined experience of more than 82 years teacher training.


Where is the program offered?


The program is offered in a dedicated teacher training studio in Calgary, Alberta at a convenient location with excellent parking.


Are there any pluses when I sign up?


Yes, you are given unlimited free public classes at the college from the time you sign up and for the first three months of full participation.

What if I don't want to teach yoga but simply deepen my knowledge? 


Many participants choose this program for that reason - and it is a good reason. 

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