How I came to write the New Yoga

My first blog post ever is about my upcoming book, The New Yoga: From Cult and Dogma to Science and Sanity and the exciting process that led to it. It started in June 2018 when I showed my teacher training assistant Lena Thompson something I was going to post on FaceBook. "Don't give this away in one FB posting," she said. "This is worth a whole book." And she was right. The timing was perfect. I had two months between teacher trainings sessions and a hot summer on the back deck to dig in and research my ideas for where modern postural yoga had really come from and why its curiously modern roots in the mid-twentieth century led to the perverse mutation of extreme flexibility. Instagram and other social media provided a perfect platform to nourish the idea that yoga was implicitly an apprenticeship for the Circe du Soleil!

This narrows focus ignored so many other benefits of yoga such as strength, balance, mindfulness, proprioception, endurance and breath awareness.

I wrote fast over the summer and slowed down during the fall and winter teacher training sessions. Then I wrapped up this last spring and summer.

As my book evolved it fell into two parts; the fascinating history of modern postural yoga in the first part and, in the second part, where I see yoga should be going to get back on the rails towards, health and scientificly-based functional benefits!

I hired Amanda Brown of Blue Pencil Solutions to edit my manuscript. Wow, that was a painful experience, accepting the discipline of a good editor. She patiently oversaw everything from helping the big picture; shaping the structure, avoiding repetition, to the minutiae of getting the right length of dash and the correct shape of brackets in the right places!

Publishing was the next hurdle. I wrote to a few publishers and reflected on the fact many eventual best sellers are initially turned down by multiple publishers! Then I considered self publishing and a Google search quickly brought up TellWell, a Victoria, B.C company with great reviews from previous clients. They impressed me with their friendliness, professionalism and very structured handling of my project from formatting the text to generating a cover to distribution and marketing. And all the time I am in ultimate control of the process.

Now I'm working on a dedicated website, and Facebook and Instagram pages. I will keep you posted about where and when you can buy The New Yoga! Do let me know if the project interests you?


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